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What is the GL1500 Auxiliary Shift Pivot?

This is the original
Please Note counterfeits Are Starting To Showup
Brand New To The Market
Your Transmission Will Love It! 
Corrects shifter misalignment
Prolongs life of shifter shaft oil seal and bearing
Works with floorboards and heel to toe shifters
Makes your heel to toe shifter function once again
Crispens shifts
Reduces missed 1-2 shifts
Your Transmission Will Love It!
Prevents case bearing failure
We are now including the shaft oil seal in package as an option.
You probably need this solution and seal, you just don't know it yet
I am the designer, distributor, manufacturer and patent-pending owner
Not a gimmick, this pivot does what I say it will do
Hundreds already sold with raving reviews
Every GL1500 Goldwing needs this bike saver
As Seen On The GoldwingDocs And GoldWingFacts  Forums
Warranted for as long as you own your bike
Risk free 30 day money back warranty
Installs quickly and easily
No special tools or know how needed to install this solution
You probably already have the needed tools
Transmissions are my business!
Your Transmission Will Love It!
Works with floorboards
Works with Heel to Toe shifters
Installation will soon be available

Our Experience Shows!

    This Pivot Assembly is designed to correct all the above issues with the 1988-2000 Honda Goldwing. The shaft that your foot lever is connected to is 6 inches long. Horrible design that leads to problems as your machine accumulates miles. I might go as far as saying all GL1500 Goldwings have shifter wobble that creates issues like oil leaks, shaft bearing wear/failure, missed 1-2 shifts and possibly the infamous 4th gear issue that is so costly to repair many will just scrap their otherwise perfectly good bike. Some have more wobble wear than others.
    A wobbly shifter places stress on the shift shaft oil seal it is not designed to handle. Shaft seal works best when the shaft turns true. Oil leaks are not only a nuisance, they can be dangerous. We don't want any oil on our feet, especially our rear tire. Oil stinks when it burns off our exhaust. Replace the seal once and install this pivot to solve the problem once and for all.

    If you own a Goldwing like I do then you know that the 1-2 shift is very prone to just bang out of second and drop into neutral. This happens from an incomplete throw of the shift fork. Wobble in the shifter must be taken-up before the internal shift forks begin to move the related gears. Your shifts will be faster with full throws of the internal forks/gears when using this pivot. Less effort and movement will be required as the take-up and unneeded travel will be eliminated.

 Renewed precision of your heel to to shifter. Heel to toe shifter mechanisms have limited travel. If you have the setup on your bike this pivot will make the function better than new. Some bikes have so much shifter wobble their heel to toe must be taken off. This pivot corrects the problem.
  GL1500 transmissions are know to have problems with 4th gear. I attribute the failed internal fork in part to excessive wobble of the shifter. Full engagement that this pivot will help attain can only help prevent such an issue that in many cases is as much to repair as the bike is worth. 

   I guarantee that you will love the shifting correction or I will buy it back. No questions asked. Your engine guard must be suitable for this pivot to function. The flat this mounts to must be straight and free of weld spatter. If not then the flat must be made suitable. This can be installed in about an hour. Full instructions come with the pivot. 

  Works by providing another pivot point with the same geometry as the factory geometry. You end up with two pivot points instead of just one. It really works great! 

  This is a unique item that is not available anywhere else but from me.  Pivot is Patent Pending. All rights reserved.

 Your Transmission Will Love It!